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If socials are not your thing, you've come to the right place.

Socials are my passion!  

Social Media Marketing can be daunting and frustratingly time consuming.

Where do you start, what do you post, what type of account do you need?

Using Social Media for your business is really like any another aspect of your business. It needs to be well thought out, researched, organised and consistent.

If you'd like some help with your socials simple send me an email and let me know what you need help with.



Image by John Schnobrich

Social Media Monthly Planner

If working out what to post on socials for your business makes you feel like you want to pull your hair out - stop - take a breath and check out my NEW Social Media Monthly Planner pack. 

For only $99 each month I will take away the hassle of having to think about what and when to post and do it all for you. Together we can work out what you want to achieve, set some goals and then I will work my magic for you. I will also forward you anything I see on social media that I think will help you with your content creation, reel templates, post inspiration, trending songs or sounds to use.


What you get for $99 / month

  • An initial chat either over the phone or on messenger to determine your social media needs and set some goals

  • A monthly calendar emailed with post ideas (static posts, carousels, videos, reels), story ideas, suggested days to post + key Australian public holidays and International days relevant to your business

  • At the beginning of each month a brief catch up over messenger to determine what you have coming up for the following month

  • Advice on how to analyse your posts performance

All websites are creating with your customers in mind. They are simple to use and well laid out to create an enjoyable user 

A good Social Media Marketing plan will define how your business will use social media to communicate your goals, along with any target outcomes you wish to achieve. It highlights which platforms and tools will be used to achieve this & how they will be measured. It is a great place to start with your socials.


From there you might set up a new account on a different platform or give your current socials an audit and refresh.

Social Media
It all starts with a plan!


Social Media Plan

Essentially a summary of everything you plan to do on social media.  


Approx fifteen A4 pages and includes:

  • Target market and their online habits

  • Campaign goals 

  • Content pillars

  • Post ideas 

  • Hashtag strategy

  • How to monitor and evaluate your campaign

  • Different content types

  • Scheduling across platforms and various 3rd party tools available

  • Printable planning calendar

  • Recommendations

  • BONUS tips for building your following organically

Cost $495


Social Refresh / Audit 

If it's been a while since you set up your socials you might want an audit and refresh.


  • Updating your About info and Bio sections (depending on the platform)

  • Creating a new cover image

  • Updating profile pic

  • Check all links are working

  • Adding any new information

  • Ensuring your page matches your branding, colour, fonts and style

BONUS - one post about you or your business

Cost - $99 each platform


Set Up a New Account

When working out which platform/s to use, my hint is first work out your target market. Then use the platforms they use!



  • Setting up new accounts

  • Bio or About sections

  • Adding website links

  • Adding services

  • Profile pictures

  • Cover titles

  • Ensuring your page matches your branding, colour, fonts and style

BONUS - two introductory posts

Cost - $149 per platform


Social Media 1:1 Sessions

Social Media 1:1 Session 

Do you find Social Media Marketing for your business crazy daunting?

There are so many terms, platforms, features and trends it can be overwhelming. Which platform should you use? How often should you post? How do you work out what to post?

Social Media 1:1 sessions are guided purely by your needs. What do you want to know? What area do you want a little help with.

I can guide you through your pain points and help you gain the confidence and skills you need to use Social Media more effectively for your business.

Some topics you may like to discuss

- auditing of your socials

- create some Social Media goals

- determine your content pillars

- post ideas for each pillar

- examining the different content types and their uses

- hashtag strategy

- scheduling options

Session duration - 1 hour

Cost - $99

Sessions are run either over the phone, in person if you are in Sydney or Google Meet

Coaching sessions with Mel from Chaotiq

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Content Packs

Creating content is incredibly time consuming and stressful for some. Simply by purchasing a content package you can save yourself hours of valuable time.

Chaotiq content packs are designed to help you grow organically on social media. If you don't have a huge budget to completely outsource your socials or loads of time to create the content yourself then these an ideal solution.

You will no longer have to worry about what to post or find the time to create it. At most all you need to do is send me some images and I do the rest.

Want a FREE  'Inspirational' post for Instagram? Click above to subscribe and I will send you one for FREE. If you send me your brand colours I will customise to your branding.


Designed for busy business owners who aren't ready to outsource totally. These content packs are designed to help your business grow organically on social media.

BRONZE PACK from $200:

12 posts & 4 stories each month

4 quotes, 4 images/ infographics, 4 Insta carousels or FB videos

SILVER PACK from $295:

16 posts & 8 stories each month

4 quotes, 4 images/ infographics, 4 Insta carousels or FB videos +4 reels / videos

PLATINUM PACK from $395:

25 posts & 12 stories each month

5 quotes, 10 images/ infographics, 5 Insta carousels or FB videos + 5 reels / videos


Stock photography, Aesthetic feed, Organic growth

Facebook and/ or Instagram. Brand product and/or service brief descriptions and images provided by client



This pack contains 10 static posts and is aimed at increasing your brand awareness. When was the last time you introduced yourself to your audience?


This pack will contain a mix of posts about you and your business, including


- Why you started in business

- Remind people what you do

- How people can book or buy your products

- Where people can find you

- What services/ products you offer

- Product highlight / Images

- Feature product/ service

- Benefits of buying your products / services

Brand product and/or service brief descriptions and  images provided by client




If Inspire and /or Entertain are one of your content pillars, these content packs are designed for you. Ready made quotes to either inspire or entertain your audience all customised to your brand.


This set contains 27 Quotes to INSPIRE your followers for Instagram or Facebook. All posts can be customised to your brand.




This pack contains quotes for your specific industry. You just let me know your industry and I'll put together content that's specific to your industry to inspire and entertain your audience. All are customised to your branding.

both from $30



Designed for all my fellow Virtual Assistants, this pack will help you promote yourself and your services.

NB. Can be altered to suit any serviced based business.



This pack contains 18 posts to help promote your Virtual Assistant business.


Fully customised to your business with your brand colours for Instagram and/ or Facebook.


I've done all the hard for you, all you have to do is provide some basic info on your business and I do the rest.

NB. This pack can be adjusted for ANY service based business just send me an email and let me know your business.

From $50



Instagram template pack - 12 pre-made templates that I fully customise to your branding. 


This 12 pack template pack is for Instagram posts.

You can choose between two template styles.

After you order you send me your brand colours and images you would like to use.

I then create the posts and email back to you ready to be used.



Hashtag Research Package

Hashtags are like a filing system for your posts. Social platforms categorise posts based on their hashtags. If you want your target audience to see your posts, you need to ensure you are using the right hashtags to achieve this. 

Researching hashtags takes time, as a business owner you may not have the time to dedicate to this task. This is a simple task that is easy to outsource.

This package includes 2 sets of 30 hashtags, suitable for use on Facebook and Instagram. It includes a variety of industry and product specific, general industry, location and target audience.


Something caught your eye?

If one of the packages sounds like the one for you, get in touch today. If you are still searching, feel free to ask and I can create a package to suit your requirements.

Full Social Media Management starts at $995 / month. Please get in touch if this is something you are interested in. 

Flower Blossoms


Mel gave our business page a freshen up and made an Instagram page. We are so happy with the final result.

Mel was understanding in what we wanted, so easy to deal with and had our work completed once we moved the completion date back earlier

Mel also taught us about Instagram hashtags and posting as we had never used it before.

The services are very reasonably priced making it possible for us small businesses to outsource some work.

Look forward to working with Chaotiq in the future for a website.

We highly recommend Chaotiq !

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