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Let Chaotiq handle your chaos!

Welcome to Chaotiq! My passion is helping small business owners make sense of social media without breaking the bank with my Social Media Starter Kit.

I specialise in creating and selling templates that are easy to use, affordable, and perfect for any business or personal use.

I also offer administrative services that go beyond the traditional, everything from research to creating online forms.


Hi, I'm Mel - owner of Chaotiq.

At Chaotiq, I understand how overwhelming life can be, especially when it comes to handling all the tasks that need to be done. That’s why I offer a range of products and services that help you save time and money. My goal is to simplify your life by taking on some of your tasks, freeing up time for the things you love. Trust me to help you tackle everything from document preparation to making reservations, daily planning templates to a comprehensive Social Media Starter Kit.

Discover how a Virtual Assistant can help you!

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